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Saturday, January 1, 2011

January 1, 2011!!

Happy New Year!!

What a fantastic 2010...  but I am so ready for a New Year! I decided to make the infamous New Year's Resolution(s) List... yes, I know I made one of these not too long ago, but hey, maybe some things have changed!

Welcome 2011... I am praying for a good year!

Resolutions (wish list) 2011:

1. Take better care of myself (vitamins, working out, eating healthy...)
2. Take walks and enjoy God's creation... we live in a beautiful area... it is so easy to do this!
3. Read my bible more often.... and really listen to what it is saying
4. Start a family with Tyler (so excited!)
5. Design a baby nursery that is all white (obviously number 4 would have to come before this one!)
6. Carve out a Tyler and Alicia night every week and stick to it!
7. Write more letters, thank you notes, emails
8. Send cards for holidays, birthdays and anniversaries
9. Go to a nice hotel and restaurant for our One Year Anniversary!
10. Love with no strings attached (not always easy)
11. Get more organized with finances, house and life in general
12. Travel 
13. Take a long weekend up North with Tyler (haven't done this in two years)
14. Make a concerted effort to spend more time with friends
15. Continue my blog and find new recipes
16. Do things for myself, not worrying about what everyone else will say or think
17. Continue with our bible studies and grow relationships with the other couples
18. Pay off debt!
19. Celebrate with Tyler when he passes his CFA!!
20. Continue to dream BIG

Here is to a happy and healthy 2011~ :)

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