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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A couple ways to look at turning 30... :)

So, there has been a underlying theme to a couple of my previous blogs... have you guessed it yet?? Turning 30!! Granted I have three months left of being in my twenties, and it might just be a tad too early to start referring to myself as a 30 year old, but here goes nothin...

I have had a bunch of friends now turn 30, and did so with grace... therefore I feel more comfortable as I write this blog and contemplate what my life will look like when I am now a large and in charge 30 year old!

So, my mental state on this topic has gone from nervousness to depression to angst to excitement, and for that I am grateful! Here is why:

1. "30 is just another number".... haha, I have been told this many times and it took me a while to see it, but now realize that it really IS just a stigma that we put on this age and it really isn't THAT big of a deal... I think...

2. "30 is the new 20"... heard this one a lot too! I am not quite sure if I agree with this, however looking at the media, one might start to believe this due to the astounding number of stars acting ridiculously immature at the ripe old age of 30. On the other hand, I have seen many people really blossom in their thirties and helps me to look forward to it!

3. You don't have to have it ALL figured out.. PHEW!! I have been under the impression for a LONG time that by 30 I have to have it all figured out and know exactly where I am going and with a large amount of accomplishment under my belt.... thank goodness this is not the case! You see, I DONT know what this next year will bring and I haven't yet accomplished all the things I want to do by 30... but who has?? (If you have, please keep it to yourself!)

Here is the list of things I HAVE accomplished and should be proud of... no matter how many other things haven't quite made the list yet:

- I have graduated from all of the schools I attended, received a HS diploma with honors, a business and communications degree from ASU (with honors), and a Masters degree in education (with honors).
- I successfully got my first job out of college on my own with NO help from friends and family (meaning no connections, not that they weren't supportive!)
- I received my first promotion at my first job with only 2 months experience
- I taught myself how to teach, with little instruction
- I managed a second grade classroom with 25-30 students with NO support from my team, my principal and most of the parents... and succeeded!
- MY students scored higher every year that I was there than all the other second grade classrooms
- Left my teaching job with pride, even when there was no support there from the other teachers
- MET TYLER (one of my greatest accomplishments of that year!)
- Bought a car, with MY name on it! No help from dad! This is big!
- Rented an apartment to live in by myself
- Planned a wedding (with some help, thanks mom and dad!)
- Married the man of my dreams (2-26-10)
- Built a house with Tyler, our first home, from scratch and got to pick all the stuff inside!
- Celebrated our one year wedding anniversary

Are there things that I wish were on this list that didn't make the 30 year old cut off? YES!!! But, looking at this list (and I am sure there are many more), I see that I HAVE accomplished a lot, or atleast enough, or maybe just the amount of the things that God had planned for me to accomplish before 30... and for that, I am pleased to say.... Bring it on 30.. I'm ready...

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  1. Love your perspective on 30! You are a wise woman. My thoughts -- enjoy where God has put you and rest in His timing and wisdom!! Love you very much!