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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Things that I love...

I love...

The obvious:
1. Tyler.. he is the man of my dreams
2. My faith-- for without it, I would be so lost
3. My friends-- though few and far between, I love the ones I have!
4. My family-- ok, so every family has it's quirks, but they are mine and I know they would be there for me if I really needed them
5. My health-- though azthma can be somewhat annoying, I am so blessed to be generally healthy and able to do activities without pain or discomfort.
6. My house-- (our house)... because it's ours and is a warm place to come home to
7. My car(s)-- They are not brand new or the top of the line, but they are cute and reliable and get us to where we need to go.. (with room to grow into!)
8. The comfort of living "comfortably".. don't get me wrong, we are not rich by any means, but we have enough for what we need and some months even a little extra... I love that we are on a budget and work hard for the things we want

The not so obvious:
1. Our neighborhood, be it small and mostly elderly (haha), it is so quaint and comforting, I love the fact that we all live on  a culdesac, we have a public pool to enjoy that we don't have to take care of, and the houses all look the same so there is no "I wish I had that one"!! The plants and trees all around are blooming and the people are all so friendly (so far!)

2. Spring flowers and nights with the windows open... I never really thought I liked Spring, always been more of a Fall and Winter girl, but as this Spring is here, I am starting to appreciate the beauty all around me, the cool breeze at nights, the sweet smell of orange blossoms blooming, the new and bright colors that are in stores and the overall lifted mood of the people I come into contact with

3. Decorating--- love it! It is a fairly new talent that I came across about this time last year when we bought our house. I always had a knack for putting things together, but never a place to put them! Now that I have rooms to work with, it has been so fun to decorate a "clean slate" and have it look just the way I want it!

4. Cooking-- most people know that I love this, but I really love looking in stores at cooking utensils, bowls, recipes, etc.. love Williams Sonoma, Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn cookware and dinnerware.

5. Dinner dates with Tyler: always a good time, we don't do this often so its nice to dress up, get out and share a good meal together! We love trying new places around the valley!

6. Quiet time alone to think and pray about life and its many challenges.. it is when I feel the most grounded, the most happy and the most at peace with where my life is at that time.

7. Baths!! Don't take too many, but I love them... give me a glass of white wine, bubbles and some soothing tunes and I am a happy girl!

8. Walks at dusk--- have always loved these... it is such a good time to get out and enjoy the beauty around me.. it is all too often that I forget about this when I'm too busy or stressed

9. Beer and a night out with the girls at a local pub-- have been doing this for a while and it is always refreshing for me.. I don't get out too often, so it is nice to catch up once in a while with these ladies and just talk about life, the good, the bad and the ugly!

10. BBQ's with fam or friends-- there is something so relaxing about having a slow day of being by the pool with a BBQ going.... makes me feel like I'm in the midwest and I love it~

11. Rainy days--- I love to cuddle up with a magazine, coffee and candles on these days.. they are so few and far between in AZ, but I am super thankful when we have one!

12. The family I dream about having-- I know we don't have kids yet and I am not sure exactly when that will happen, but I love thinking about what our kids will look like and act like... can't wait til that day arrives!!

These are just a few things that I love that were on my mind... sometimes on a particularly blah day I like to take time to think about the things I love and am thankful for~


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