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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New things I am interested in....

As I am resting in the fact that I am not teaching this year and have some more time on my hands (ie. not grading until all hours of the night, planning what to teach, phone calls, emails, dealing with parents... etc)... I have been finding that I am interested in all kinds of things that I never had time to pay attention to last year... here is my list!

1. Watching old episodes of Grey's Anatomy... yes, this is a strange one, but I LOVE that show and it is fun to just lay on the couch on my days off and watch them!

2. Dangling earrings... LOVE THEM... think I always have but have had more time to research fun jewlery websites and realize that I have the need to collect them.. haha.. here are some fun earrings websites

- Francesca's Collection (LOVE their jewlery and dresses)
- Ruche (My sister lead me to this one, so cute)
- Sugar Bean (super expensive, but love to look at them!)

3.Charms, charms for necklaces, earrings and bracelets! Check out these charm websites:

- Pandora- I started collecting pandora charms for my pandora bracelet about 3 years ago, they are fun!!

- Chamilia- this is another site where you can accrue charms for the pandora bracelet (I have both kinds of charms)

- Brighton Collectibles- they now sell charms and bracelets, I started making one for myself that has charms that symbolize my marriage and family, really cute charms and cheap!'S

- Sugar Bean- again, kind of expensive, but I love the idea that you can just change out the charms on small hoop earrings

4. Creating new home items from scratch.. currently I am thinking about making a home made head board for our bed using fabric and wooden rods, hard to explain, but I will take pictures once I make it! I also have saved some ideas from that I can use to make cute Christmas presents and wrapping paper!

5. Cooking for Tyler, well DUH right?? It seems most of my blogs are regarding my cooking.... but I have come to find it relaxing and another way to show Tyler I care... he doesn't seem to mind!

6. Making it a point to spend time with my girl friends... whether it is once a week or only works out once every other week, I am realizing the importance of having girl friends and am really trying to be diligent about spending time with them

7. Joining a new bible study for couples.. this is so important to me that we go to one together! I am excited to meet some new couples this week!

8. Getting back in shape and on a routine... ok, so maybe my new love for cooking has not been good on the weight aspect... so I am trying to make it a habit to do yoga or jog everyday, along with lift weights and do abdominal work.. we will see how it goes!!

So, there you have it! A couple new things that I am intrigued by.. of course there are many more, these were just at the top of my list today...

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  1. I love all of your "likes"!! You have made a beautiful, loving, comfortable home for you and Tyler. Good job!!! Love you bunches!