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Friday, September 3, 2010

Sneak Peek...

I have started to decorate for Fall... I know, I know, it is EARLY... but you know if I lived anywhere but AZ, people WOULD say that September means Fall and that it is AOK to decorate!!

I have many more ideas for what I want to do.... but here is a start...

not completely finished, need some pinecone filler for the two jars!
on top of the pot shelf in the kitchen

Love these colors

my new fall centerpiece, except missing some candles in the far left vase and going to put all this is a large dark colored serving tray once I buy one!! Oh yeah, I also need to finish the black ribbon on the vase... it didn't make it all the way around!

It's definitely a work in progress! I am still looking to add a berry wreath and a few classic pumpkins!

Happy Fall!

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