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Saturday, August 27, 2011

What's Cooking White Board (courtesy of Mushki Loves Blog)

I saw this white board and thought it was so cute! What a great idea to lay out your menu for the week (which Ty and I love to do!)

What you need is:
- A 8.5 X 11 frame
- Scrapbook Paper
- Computer/Printer

What to do:
1.Paint the outer frame,  and stain it if you chose to (I will probably just spray paint)
2. Find a cute font on your computer that you want to use. If you don't have any that you like, I found this great "How To" at Your Creative Juices here 
they have a list of some great places to get fun fonts and tell you how to download them to your computer.  It was  super easy and you end up with cute fonts that YOU like!

3.Type out the header, here's an example of a few.
Bon Appetit....What's Cooking?...Menu
(Be sure to center it.)

4.Then type out the days of the week.
(Be sure to change the margin back to the right side, unless you want it all centered.)

5. Stick your cute scrapbook paper into your printer and print your menu onto it.

6. Cut your paper down to  the size you need it to fit in your frame.

You will need dry erase markers and possibly an easel (unless the frame has a stand already)... Love it!

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