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Monday, June 20, 2011

Anderson Soap Company

Oh. My. Gosh... these soaps look amazing... I need to have one... or two... :)

Lumberjack  Olive Oil Soap Bar (Vegan Friendly)
Cedar Wood and Ground Apricot

The Zucchina Shea butter Soap Bar (Vegan Friendly)
calendula flower, ground apricot meal and spearmint

Coconut Craze Olive Oil Soap Bar (VEGAN Friendly)

Lemon Meringue (Size 4 oz. jar) Soap In A Jar (Fluffy Whipp)
Lemon Meringue

The Poor Boy Beer Soap Bar (Vegan Friendly)
Beer Soap!! Tyler would love this!

Almond Olive Oil Soap Bar (Vegan Friendly)
Almond Oil

And the list goes on and on! Nine pages of goodness on this Etsy sight!!

Check them out!

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