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Monday, June 6, 2011

Chalkboard Labels for Wine Glasses

I was looking at this website 3S Cocktails, and I came across this picture:

And I thought, "what a cute idea!" I have left over chalkboard paint from my other projects, so I quickly got to work!

They turned out pretty well! I think they will be perfect for when we have others over for dinner!

Here is how I made them:
1. I taped off the entire glass with painters tape, making a rectangle in the middle
2. Painted the inside of the rectangle with chalkboard paint, two coats
3. Waited for them to dry
4. Peeled off the tape
5. Used a sharp knife to scrape off the parts of the glass that got any extra paint on it!

They are very time consuming, but very cute! I think this would be cute to do on my clear glass coffee mugs as well!

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