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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fast Pasta

Tyler and I wanted something quick and easy for dinner the other night, so we made some pasta... it is silly to even blog this one, but here you go!

Quick and Easy Pasta

Looks good huh??!!

- pasta noodles (any kind really)
- Italian Sausage
- 2 cans of seasoned tomatoes (I used tomatoes seasoned with garlic and herbs)
- parmesan cheese
- 1 cannister of Pillsbury rolls
- salt and pepper!

How to:
1. Cook pasta on stove and drain
2. While pasta is cooking, grab a frying pan and cook sausage until cooked through (8-10 min)
3. Once drained, add canned tomatoes and sausage (cut up of course!)
4. Season with salt and pepper and sprinkle parmesan on top!
5. Add the roll to the mix!

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