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Friday, October 29, 2010


So, I have been thinking lately that I want to make some changes in my life, either things I want to do and never have, or traits I think are important that I never really pursued for myself. Right now, with my job being really slow and lots of time on my hands, what better time than the present to go about making some change, right?

So here it is, the "list" of to do's or to be's before I get too old! (I don't really have a time frame, so I just say, before I get too old!)  P.S, these are in no particular order...

- find a cute look for the house for Fall and Winter (I think I accomplished Fall, still working on Winter.. going for a silver and white theme this year, so excited!)
- keep better track of my friends, where they are at, what they are doing... send cards, make phonecalls... I am really bad at this since I got married (not that I am blaming marriage)... I just don't think about it as often as I should.
- have a girls weekend somewhere where I can just be me and let loose with them... laugh, tell stories, wine possibly?? :)
- travel somewhere with Tyler, just us, to go somewhere where we don't have a schedule to follow, just have some time to be together and have fun! (Hopefully for our anniversary next year)
- be OK with where I am in life, not constantly worried that I have not accomplished enough at 29, almost 30 years of age.
- understand that this is the age of change, friends are moving away, family is changing, finances are different, jobs are different... and to be able to adjust accordingly with a POSITIVE attitude.
- My life is NOT my friend's life... it is so easy to compare what I am going through with where they are, forgettting that we are different people with a different plan from God.
- Find a look/ hair color I really love and stick with it.. I am so indecisive... it would be nice to have something solidified with my look so that I can move forward with it, haha...
- Someday, and prob not this year, I want to seek out a elderly home and plan visits to go see people who have no family and just need a buddy... I would LOVE that... I have a total heart for them...
- take flowers and put them on someone's grave randomly... and then hope that I didn't pick a "bad" person ... I know that sounds mean, I guess they need love too!
- continue with my love for cooking and baking and put together a BIG cookbook of recipes for my kitchen!
- buy a bigger house someday with Tyler so that we can have a big family! (well, by big I mean three... but still)
- Send out Christmas cards... with a note on what our family is up to... every year I mean to do this and every year it passes me by.
- Start family traditions with Tyler for the holidays...
- Continue my blog and be consistent about it
- Have a family and do fun things with them... don't really have specifics since we don't have kids yet!
- Continue the tradition of zoo lights before Christmas with Ashley and Pat, although we complain how busy it is every year, it is so much fun!
- Continue The Nutcracker and Italian dinner with Tyler as our Christmas gift to eachother... it is so fun to get dressed up and go on a Christmas date!
- Aparently... my mind is on Christmas... haha
- Start excercising and eating healthier and really stick to it! No more crash diets!
- Put a backyard in to our house
- Plan a whole day just for Tyler because he does so much for me
- Love with no strings attached...
- Get better about going to church every week
- continue our bible studies
- move to CHICAGO!! Ok, it won't be for a long time, but still, we want to go!
- celebrate Tyler finishing his tests and PASSING!! He is so smart, I know he will do it!
- Give people the benefit of the doubt, even when I don't want to
-AND... continue making lists for myself so that I stay on track!

These are not all of my goals, but they were all on my mind!! I hope I can accomplish them!

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  1. LOVE your goals!! You are such a thoughtful, smart girl. Can't wait to see you next week!! Love you bunches,