Inside the Life of Me.....

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Decorations I love...

So, throughout this never ending process of decorating our house (which Tyler would say we were done decorating the week we moved in..), I have decided a few things...

1. My house will never completely look EXACTLY the way I want it, so I need to stop trying so hard
2. I really am OCD about some things...
3. I LOVE pottery barn catalogs and this is why I am having trouble with the #1 thing I just wrote about.

My goal someday would be to have this captivating house where it looks exactly the way I want it, but for now, I will be content with what I have been blessed with thus far.

Here are some pictures of decorations around my house that I absolutely love!!!

I am still working on a few more items for the house... super excited for Fall decorations, so I will take more pictures when they are up!


  1. Dang your house is even cuter than when I last saw it! I love it! Come decorate mine. :)

  2. You have the cutest little lamps all over the place! I love that look. Why didn't you help me decorate my house when you were here ;-) ???

  3. Thanks ladies! I love to decorate, but you two already have your own cute style!