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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Oh Pottery Barn... Someday...

I LOVE POTTERY BARN... there is something about their stuff that makes a room look warm, inviting and classy! I never really noticed them before Tyler and I registered for our wedding there, but now that I have had experience with their things, I love them...

I have this idea that my house is all of a sudden going to look like a pottery barn catalog... um negative, and although I have some items from them, and some others that look like theirs, I definitely do not have the whole house looking like it. This is a BIG GOAL, but someday I would love for my house to have that "look". I have started with things here and there, but unless I revamp my entire house, and savings account, it is not going to happen right now!

I get a catalog from them every so often and love looking through the pages to see what I might be able to make that looks similar to what I see... thought it never looks EXACTLY the same, I get close! Tyler and I both like dark furniture, but the more I look at the catalogs, I am starting to like some lighter colored elements as well! One day, when we have kids, I would like to make a baby room that is white... so unlike the rest of our house, but it looks so pretty and I am excited to design it someday!!

Here are some pictures of pottery barn things that I love (oh there are many more, but these are the few I pulled from for today!) Maybe someday we will have rooms that look like these!

Would LOVE this for our bedroom some day! I think I would have dark wood side tables, but I love the plant on the window sill and the curtains that are over the bed!
Isn't this a cute bathroom?!! I really like the oval mirror and the the square mirrors around it... maybe I will do this to a guest bathroom in our next home?? :)
I have had my eye on these jars for a while!! They are also at Pier One and Joanne Fabrics. I do not like the monogram, but I would love these jars for a baby room someday!

And there you have it, my love for Pottery Barn.... hey a girl can dream right?? :)

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  1. I am with you -- love Pottery Barn! But I just did a quick run through Crate and Barrel and love them, too!! I got Molly a food and water bowl set. They are white and have cartoon captions that say "Meow" and "Purr" in the bottom! Too cute! I'm still working on getting my homes like I want them. It is fun to do it over time and look for just the right thing. I think I need more plants in my house . . . . maybe that will be my next task!