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Monday, August 23, 2010

Tyler's BBQ Ribs

I promised Tyler I would blog about his recipe for BBQ ribs... so here you go! They were super yummy and he did a great job making them!

Tyler's BBQ Ribs: Dry Rub

- 1/2 c. brown sugar
- 1/4 c. paprika
- 1 Tbs. black pepper
- 1 Tbs. salt
- 1 Tbs. chili powder
- 3/4 Tbs. garlic powder
- 3/4 Tbs. onion powder
- 1 Tbs. cayenne (or mustard powder)


1. Tyler soaked the ribs in a large cooking pan filled with beer (he used two large cans) for two days in the fridge prior to putting the rub on the meat! After two days, drain the beer and add rub! (see #2)
2. The day before you want to cook the meat, make the rub and apply to ribs.. then back to the fridge until the day of cooking!
3. On the day you want to cook the ribs, add BBQ sauce to seasoned ribs... I would suggest a sweeter BBQ sauce since the rub for the ribs has a sweeter taste to it.
4. Cook on BBQ grill for up to 3-4 hours!

Here are some pics of his creation!!

After draining beer and adding dry rub

After adding BBQ sauce

On the grill
Finished Product! :)

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  1. You MUST make these when we see you guys in November!!! I love ribs!!!!!