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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lipgloss/ Eyeshadow

Remember when I said I wanted to make homemade lipgloss?? Well I got the containers today, but am going to wait until next week to get all the oils and ingredients to make it from scratch.

In the meantime, I have a bunch of mineral powder colors that I never use for eyeshadow, so I decided to make some lipgloss/eyeshadow with  them today.

I mixed a few of the colors together and added some Vaseline into the bottle to make them creamy... and they also add a little shine when you apply them. I made one that has glitter in it for a night out on the town, the neutral colored one is for eyeshadow, and I mixed together a crimson red colored one for lipstick... they turned out great (except I would never wear them all at once.... look like a drag queen)... but I am excited to make more and experiment with colors... I love greens, so I might mix a few of those together!

Here is what they look like!! I am going to try and make the natural ingredient lipgloss next week, so we will see how those turn out!!

Cases are from The Container Store ($0.99) and the mineral makeup you can grab from I.D Bare Essentials!!