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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cuff Bracelet by Flamingo Toes

I saw this tutorial on Flamingo Toes Blog and thought it looked like fun to make! You don't need many items and it looks pretty easy to do:

Cute huh??

1. Start by getting your cuff ready.

2. Begin wrapping your ribbon around the cuff.
Make sure the end is covered so that no raw edges show.
Glue the end down so it is secure.

3.Continue wrapping and gluing . .
and wrapping and gluing. . . until you reach the other end.
Tuck the ribbon around the end and fold over. Glue the end down.

4. Cut circles from scrap fabrics for your yo-yo’s. (yes. the dreaded yo-yo’s. The things we do for our knockoffs)
Mine were about 1 1/2″.

5. To make a yo-yo, fold under the edge on the wrong side of the circle and hand sew a gathering stitch all the way around.
Pull the thread up so that the edges come together in a circle.
Flatten the yo-yo by pushing down the center section.

Knot the thread – now you have a cute little yo-yo.
Repeat 5 more times, until you have 6 small yo-yo’s
6. Glue the yo-yo’s onto the bracelet. I recommend starting with the center two, then working out for there.
7. Now glue on your assortment of beads/buttons.
I also used a couple of clip on earrings that were my grandmothers. I removed the backs so they had a flat surface to glue down.

8. Find a flat spot and wind just a bit of the rhinestone strand around one of the beads. This isn’t necessary but it adds a fun pop of bling. ;)

Aren't these cute?? I think I might try one sometime soon!

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