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Monday, May 9, 2011

Frames, More Frames and an Eclectic Wall

So, yes, I am still a pretty dark wood decorating kind of girl, but lately I have really been intrigued by the idea of light with dark, color, eclectic so to speak... hence the fact I have added white to the house, more colors like blue and yellow, and am starting to really do some research on the eclectic look... it's fun!!

I found these wall ideas on Pottery Barn and another random website (will have to fill in the name once I look it up again), and think they are super cute! Here are some pictures of the walls:

So this one is a bit more eclectic. with the bright colors (which I think I am starting to love!)

This one is back to the colors that I traditionally use, but still love!

I doubt I will be doing any of these walls like this in our current house, but it is a fun idea for a future home!

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