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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Paint goes a long way!!

It is always so unbelievable what paint can do to a room... I have always been into dark, dark, dark... but recently looking through magazines and blogs, I see that having a little more color and white in a room can really make a difference.. so I thought I would take on a few projects I have been thinking about and spruce up the place!! Here are the pics!

New Spring centerpiece for the kitchen table! Got the milk pitcher, greenery and tray from Joanne Fabric on sale and the picture frame I had.. added a picture of our wedding flowers inside of it! The silver candle is from my Xmas collection!

Made a Menu Chalkboard for the kitchen counter out of an old frame and some chalkboard paint... added the white milk pitcher with some greenery

Added white polka dot and plain white knobs to Tyler's dresser to warm it up a little bit... painted an old vase white and added some red roses (already had)

Decided to add a "nook"... that has our books in it, and painted the wall sconces  white to lighten them up a bit (used to be black)

Loved the idea of having a large chalkboard on the wall in the kitchen to write groceries on... the frame I had from Xmas that I painted white and used particle  board inside with chalkboard paint to make it chalk ready!

I added mason jars in our bathroom with labels to organize my stuff!

Painted the mirror white (used to be  black) and added a small lamp (painted and made a shade out of fabric and a fabric flower that I pinned on)

Close up of the lamp! It is not perfect, but it is cute!

Completed Master Bedroom... much lighter and brighter with some white additions! Painted the side lamps and frame above the bed white and added a few bright pillows for contrast
This is the chair that we are getting for the corner of the room (where the papasan chair is now)... it is super fun and  I am so excited to see how it looks (come July!)

Guest bathroom.... lightened up with some mason jars and a new shower curtain from Pottery Barn!

View from the side of the room

View from the sliding doors

Side view of the dresser in our room

Guest Room.. well most of it, added some curtains and a white frame

Painted the frame holder white This table sits in the corner of our hallway

Its hard to believe that all this took a whole weekend to complete, but it did!! We are happy with the results and like our new and "lighter" look!

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  1. Cute changes! Can't wait to see them in person - I need you to come decorate my place!