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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Vintage Earring Holder

I have a lot of fun earrings, some collected and some given to my by special people.. since I can't wear them all at the same time, I decided to make a vintage earring holder to put in my bathroom to add some "color"! Here is a picture of how it turned out! It was super easy to do!

 Cute huh??

Basically you can use any frame any color.. I chose silver since it works with my bathroom. Then I picked out a doily from Joanne Fabrics (cream colored) and glued it tight the the back of the frame! I love how it adds color to my bathroom!

I loved the idea of decorating with doilies so much, I decided to do a little "doily discovering" and found a very cute website called where I got some ideas for future projects!! Here are some other ideas of "doily decorating"

I'm excited to try out some more doily projects soon!

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  1. Super c.u.t.e! Love the earrings, too. May have to try this for my own bathroom... xoxo